Black Car Service

Nothing makes an impression like an elegant black car and driver. If you’ve got a special occasion coming up in Los Angeles, consider adding a dash of flair by showing up in a private town car. You won’t go unnoticed.

Black car service is the perfect match for weddings. Whether it’s just the bride and groom being whisked between venues and then off on their honeymoon, or black cars for the entire wedding party, lending a tone of refinement to the whole celebration, sleek private cars and drivers are an easy way to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience an occasion to be remembered for its style.

Birthdays are black-car-worthy too—especially if you’re trying to charm that special someone or show anyone how grateful you are that they’re part of your life. Maybe you just want to throw a birthday bash for yourself and invite all your friends. You can be sure that with dashing private black cars in the mix, the celebration will not soon be forgotten.

We all know what bachelor parties can be like. You don’t want to find yourself thinking about who’s going to be the designated driver when you’re already at the bar or club. Think ahead and book a private black car to take you and your friends around the town in Los Angeles. You’ll all be able party to your hearts’ content without worrying about how you’re going to get home, or wherever it is you happen to be going.

Sadly, though, not all special occasions are happy ones. The thing about black town cars or SUVs is that they can do double duty as symbols of solemnity and respect when called upon to do so. Perhaps no single occasion is as deserving of such a token as the death of a loved one or friend. Do you really want to show up at a funeral in a cherry-red sports car?

When you arrive for a special occasion in a black car, you show the world that there’s something special about you, that you mean business, and that you’ve got style, polish, and sensitivity. At LAX Airport Car Service, we offer professional drivers and elegant black cars for your leisure. Give us a call at 310.627.2707 or visit our website,, today to book ahead and make a difference at your next event.