Town Car Service to Dodgers Game

The Dodgers are one of major league baseball’s oldest and most esteemed teams, and in their long-time hometown of Los Angeles their standing borders on sacred. Going to see a game at Dodgers Stadium (America’s third oldest) is an exciting event for anyone—even for those cheering on the opposing team.So why not make the most of the experience? By hiring a professional driver to take you and your friends to the game in a private town car, you eliminate a world of worry and stress that will make all of you better able to take in and enjoy the game and the one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Our drivers know exactly where they’re going, so you’ll always arrive with as much time to spare as you want. You won’t have to worry about paying those extortionate parking costs around the ballpark. And when the game is over—hopefully with a victory for the Dodgers—your driver will get you safely home without you having to worry about having had one beer too many.

Or maybe you and your friends want to go somewhere afterwards to celebrate (or commiserate). With a private town car service you won’t have to worry about anyone getting lost or showing up late. You can all jump in the same car, prolonging the excitement of the big game, and head off to the bar or restaurant. Thanks to our spacious and luxurious SUVS, we can accommodate parties of up to six or seven people in one vehicle.

LAX Airport Car Service isn’t just for the airport. A town car or SUV with a qualified professional driver is the best, most comfortable, and safest way to get to a Dodgers game or any other professional sporting event in Los Angeles—and back home again. Call 1.888.501.1329 to book your ride, or go to our website at

Play ball!